Educational Board Game

We love Gumption...

“The students absolutely love Gumption! I taught my maths class (top Year 8’s), who were instantly hooked, and they took it back to their homeroom classes to teach the rest of the students. I’ve seen it in action in classes since then, with students of all abilities having an absolutely marvellous time with it.” Christine Sangster, Deputy Principal, South Wellington Intermediate.

“I have to say that it was a massive hit this Christmas!!! Being Kiwis living in Australia my family were delighted to play a game not only made by a kiwi, but featuring iconic kiwi companies. I cannot wait to get my Aussie Army mates to play.  Thanks for the hours of entertainment!!” Toni McBride.

“Gumption is great for kids because it’s like a Kiwi style Monopoly. Except it’s more fun  because it uses NZ brands and is more realistic. You can strengthen your Maths with the  money aspect and become a rich entrepreneur. It incorporates strategy too. It’s not just a roll of the dice. You have to figure out a way to win. It’s a fun game.” Ciaran, Year 8 student, Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School

"I just wanted to let you know that my son won this game in a colouring competition with Kiwibank. Thomas is six and he loves this game . We play it a couple of times every week. Thank you for this great game.” The Goode family, Nelson

“Alfriston School has been playing Gumption in its Maths tumbles for nearly two terms throughout the Senior and Intermediate school with great enthusiasm. The students have been learning many elements of financial literacy including budgeting, negotiating and strategic planning. The game encourages team work, with a competitive element, that can related to real life situations especially for our students future. The children are enthused about the process of buying and selling, while being introduced to new mathematical vocabulary that is both challenging and relevant. Gumption is a game that I would sincerely recommend for the next generation of Kiwi business people!” Phil Funnell, Numeracy Leader, Alfriston School

"This is an awesome game and an even better present! Kids love it - think the adults love it more though! A MUST buy for Christmas or a birthday! Would happily buy again and recommend to others!" Tristan Whitehead.

“Just wanted to endorse this fantastic board game! Baradene bought 10 sets for Enterprise Studies and the response from the girls has been enormous! It introduces the concept of risk taking, which is an especially important concept for entrepreneurs.  A key feature is that it uses New Zealand businesses on the board game. It is a fun board game, suitable for the  whole family. In fact, I joined in and played with one group that was short of  players and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thoroughly recommended.”  LinErn Soh, Enterprise Studies teacher, Baradene College

“The games are fantastic, they have turned out really great! Everyone here loves them!!!  You've done a fantastic job pulling    this all together.” Susan Cameron, Kiwibank

“It's fantastic. The students have got better about how to play the game now. I say this because they now make considered choices in whether they are buying resources and think about what they will receive in income. We play the extended version where they pay interest on their borrowed money to start the game. Every 10 minutes of play they pay interest on their capital and this has made them think about only borrowing what they think they may need rather than having a fist full of money and having to pay interest on it.” Sheree Savage Year 7 Teacher, Rotorua Intermediate School 

“This game teaches kids about when money should be spent and when it should be saved. I really like its Kiwiana theme and special New Zealand features.” Jamie, Year 8 student

"What you’ve done in designing this game is very inspirational for both the students and me as a teacher. I told my students this week that the way you have created the game is a brilliant example of enterprise in action and I’m so pleased by how they have responded to it." Cliff Magon, Acting Head of Social Studies, Kerikeri High School

"A great game and great addition to the Financial literacy module. It applied the vocabulary and concepts being discussed and reinforced the learning. We also used old favourites, and Gumption was as popular if not more so. A great resource.” Alison  McRae, Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School

"Hi Mark, we have now used Gumption at several of our schools and so far it has gone down really well! I expect the game to be a real asset to our programme. Many thanks." Jarrod Beaman, Managing Director, Think Games Ltd