Educational Board Game

Gumption is perfect for enterprise education and financial literacy. Utilising a familiar and fun game format Gumption quickly and easily engages players of all ages and the rich educational content used helps foster player curiosity and inquiry. Gumption provides players with insight into strategic planning, negotiation, money management and risk-taking.


Gumption encourages players to be enterprising whilst also connecting them to key economic and business concepts. Thus players compete for the economic resources of businesses, set goals, take risks and negotiate their way to success. Strategic planning and decision-making are unique features of game-play.

Just wanted to endorse this fantastic board game! Baradene bought 10 sets for Enterprise Studies and the response from the girls has been enormous! It introduces the concept of risk taking, which is an important concept for entrepreneurs. It is a fun board game, suitable for the whole family. In fact, I joined in and played with one group that was short of players and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thoroughly recommended.” LinErn Soh, Enterprise Studies teacher, Baradene College


In Gumption, money is a limited resource that is hard to obtain and easy to spend. Players set goals and then use their money to try to achieve those goals. Effective money management is a key component of game-play in Gumption.

Alfriston School has been playing Gumption with great enthusiasm. The students have been learning many elements of financial literacy including budgeting, negotiating and strategic planning. The game encourages team work, with a competitive element, that can related to real life situations especially for our student’s future. The children are enthused about the process of buying and selling, while being introduced to new vocabulary that is both challenging and relevant. Gumption is a game that I would sincerely recommend for the next generation of business people!”  Phil Funnell, Numeracy Leader, Alfriston School                                                                         

The extended version of Gumption introduces the concept of interest payments and thus allows more in-depth learning about money management. Allowing interest rates to change with a roll of the dice is a great way to introduce the concept of variable interest rates and the impact they can have on achieving personal goals.

It's fantastic. The students have got better about how to play the game now. I say this because they now make considered choices in whether they are buying resources and think about what they will receive in income. We play the extended version where they pay interest on their borrowed money to start the game. Every 10 minutes of play they pay interest on their capital and this has made them think about only borrowing what they think they may need rather than having a fist full of money and having to pay interest on it.” Sheree Savage Year 7 Teacher, Rotorua Intermediate School