Educational Board Game

What is the age range for Gumption?

Gumption is recommended for ages 7 and above, but can be understood and enjoyed by children as young as 6. Gumption is easy enough to be loved by younger children and complicated enough to be loved by older teenagers and adults. This is because the strategy, negotiation and deal-making aspects of Gumption are influenced by the ages of the players. The older the player, the more subtle and complicated the deals they try and make. And the more they act to creatively block the progress of other players.

How many people can play Gumption?

2 to 6 people can play Gumption, with 4 players being the ideal number in terms of optimising the benefits from the game.

How long does it take to play Gumption?

Experience says that the average time taken to play Gumption is between 45 minutes and 1 hour, however it does depend on the sophistication and gumption of the players. The older the players are, the longer the potential game-time, due to the complicated and sophisticated deal making that goes on.

How much does Gumption cost?

The recommended retail price of Gumption is NZD $39.95

Is Gumption available in retail stores?

No. Not at the moment anyway.

What is the educational value of Gumption?

Gumption introduces players to basic economic and business concepts. For example, the concept of natural, human and capital resources is an economic concept taught in schools. Likewise students also investigate the way in which the government influences the economy, shown in Gumption through Enterprise Funds, Research Grants, Employment Grants, Court Fines and Carbon Taxes.

With business studies the concept of risk is essential to understanding entrepreneurship, thus the use of Risk Cards in Gumption. A critically important aspect of business studies is learning from the experiences of others and that is why Gumption carries the inspiring stories of real New Zealand businesses.

How can Gumption help improve Financial Capability?

Financial Capability is about understanding money and how we use it to achieve our goals. In Gumption money is a limited resource that is hard to obtain and easy to spend. Players set a goal and then use their money wisely in trying to achieve that goal. Yes, there is some luck involved but there is the challenge and benefit of good financial management as well.

The extended version of Gumption introduces the concept of loans and interest payments and thus allows more in-depth learning about money and finance. The fact that interest rates can change with a roll of the dice is a great way to introduce the concept of variable interest rates and the way they impact on the goals of individuals and families.