Educational Board Game

Hi, my name is Mark Snoad, I’m a secondary school teacher and the creator of Gumption. I developed the game to help students enjoy learning anout economics, business studies and financial literacy, but it only took a few trial runs to discover that Gumption is more than just an educational game. In one test run with my then 7 year old sister I discovered how much she loved playing Gumption. I lost that game, to her Teddy Bear, who was also playing the game. So a cautionary note - be wary of soft toys.

I am thrilled to report that over 5,000 copies of Gumption have now been sold. Schools throughout New Zealand love Gumption, both the students and teachers think it's awesome, and families have started sharing in the fun. Kiwi families love the easy to play, educational board game that caters for young and old, and doesn't take all night!

If you are looking for a board game that entertains, educates and inspires then Gumption is perfect for you. Please feel free to ask any questions and I sincerely hope you enjoy many fun-filled hours playing my game.

Photo from a 2013 Idealog article entitled Teacher's Pet Project -

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Auckland 2010
New Zealand