Educational Board Game

Gumption… grit, guts, savvy and moxie. Initiative, enterprise and resourcefulness. The award-winning* board game Gumption certainly lives up to its name. Players compete against each other in a race to be the first to own the resources of two New Zealand businesses. Players demonstrate gumption in the risks they take and the deals they make. The winner celebrates gumption in their fearlessness and audacity. 

But the board game Gumption goes further than its name. Adding delight, excitement and laughter. Young and old love playing Gumption. It is causing outbreaks of joy in family rooms, holiday homes, campervans and classrooms throughout New Zealand. 

So what is Gumption? At first glance it may seem like a Monopoly style board game, but that comparison would be doing Gumption a great injustice. Gumption is better. It is much better than Monopoly. 

How is it better?

1) Gumption is faster. It is quicker because it is a race - the first player to own two businesses wins the game. Having a specific end-point significantly improves tactics and time, resulting in game play that is quicker and more fun.

2) Gumption is more unpredictable. Anyone can win, even players who look like they might be losing half-way through the game. All players are active in the game right up until the end. Players fortunes can change quickly and often unexpectedly. 

3) Gumption is educational. It has been created by a New Zealand secondary school teacher and is used in over 250 schools throughout New Zealand. Gumption comes packed full of introductory economic concepts, key business ideas and important learning about money management. Gumption helps to improve players' financial literacy and financial capability.

Gumption is also uniquely and unashamedly kiwi. Featuring iconic NZ businesses like Kiwibank, Mainfreight, Fonterra, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Rainbows End, Air NZ and Sealord. With iconic NZ playing pieces like the Buzzy Bee, Kiwi and Jandal. And iconic NZ inventions like the Gallagher electric fence, the Hamilton Jet and AJ Hackett bungy-jumping.

Gumption is a wonderful addition to your family game night or an awesome activity for the kids. It is fun for all, whether young or old. And especially fun for adults and children to play together. A chance to entertain, educate and inspire.

Recommended for ages 7+, for 2 to 6 players. 

*Game of the Year Award 2012 & Teachers Choice Award 2012 (As awarded by the NZ Games Association)