Want a family board game that will entertain, educate and inspire?

Learning the hard lessons in business used to mean losing your shirt. Not with Gumption – the fun board game that teaches valuable business strategy and celebrates enterprise and innovation.

From the dining room to the classroom, Gumption introduces players to enterprise and innovation through real life business scenarios. Pit your entrepreneurial wits against your competitors as you race to build your business and corner the market.

To succeed in business, you need Gumption

  • Hours of social fun for the class or family (and not a smartphone in sight!)
  • Learn negotiation, management and financial literacy
  • Get a healthy dose of competition playing family, friends or classmates
  • Test your nerves – risk it all on a roll of the dice or the luck of the draw
  • Gain financial and business smarts as you build a virtual business
  • Get inspired for the future with real life economics, business ideas and success stories
  • Try a simple version for learning the game, more complex challenges for ‘Gumption gurus’